Why We’re the Go-to Commercial Scaffolding Erectors

Commercial scaffolding projects demand a flexible and reliable scaffold hire company. Access Scaffolding to warehouse unitfor Sign Removal, Warsash, Southampton At UK Scaffolders, we offer a wide range of professional commercial scaffolding structures to suit all kinds of new build, renovation and refurbishment work. We have an excellent reputation for delivering effective, safe and affordable scaffold towers and structures on office refits, supermarket building constructions, shop renovations and much more.

Our commercial work also includes supplying innovative scaffolding solutions to construction companies and trades firms on new home build or housing estate projects. Because we stock a huge number of scaffold parts and fittings, we can assist bricklayers to construct the shell of the building, carpenters to install timber roof structures and roofers to tile the roof.

A common requirement on these types of projects is the installation of scaffolding loading areas to make it easy to stack, load and move building materials. We have the expertise to incorporate these in such a way that they are fully health and safety compliant and designed to make working at height easier.

When a commercial client needs an office or shop renovation to be carried out, UK Scaffolders should be the first company to contact. We build structures with boarded lifts to suit the workflow requirements of each project and include debris netting where required to contain the inevitable dust and debris generated by renovation work. We are dedicated to providing services that keep the amount of mess to a minimum.

Another common solution that we offer is the fitting of temporary roof structures and monaflex sheeting to prevent wind and rain damaging your property. Whatever the size of your property, we are confident that we can protect it throughout the duration of the project. We can install temporary roof covers, using a steel or canvas roof cover over secure alloy beams, that will cover the entire roof area. We always overlay this with plastic monaflex sheeting from roof ridge to gutter level to ensure that the rain won’t cost you extra time or money.

For repainting, re-pointing, rebuilding or any other type of refurbishment work, we will quickly suggest and build the ideal access scaffolds. However, some renovation projects require support scaffolding that will hold an existing wall or roof support if the building’s layout is being changed and these require a full scaffold design service. Our scaffolders are qualified to deliver such a service to ensure that your contractors can work safely. We calculate the design and parts, including the right kind of tubes and fittings, to ensure that the scaffold will support the required load and allow the work to be completed as quickly as possible.

We have the expertise to construct different types of support scaffolds, from dead shores that can support a vertical load to raking and flying shores that can support a horizontal load. However complex your renovation work may seem, we can produce the designs to ensure that the project goes ahead on time and within regulatory requirements.

Office buildings that need upgrades, such as replacement windows or roof cladding changes, will benefit from an effective access or roofing scaffold structure that provides working platforms at exactly the right heights and lifts where required. We are able to offer different kinds of hoists, from light duty electric wire options that lift items such as buckets through to 300kg mast hoists. The latter is installed with entry gates so that large amounts of roofing or building materials can be lifted to the working areas.

These types of requirements on commercial scaffolding projects must follow very demanding health and safety legislation, including the use of handing over certification and a scafftag system to record the dates and times each scaffold is erected and inspected. Both of these are equally important. Handing over certificates are produced at the time that access is required and used by trades firms independent of UK Scaffolders and includes any alterations that take place. The scaffold tags are usually positioned by the access point and tell everyone on site when the scaffolding was last inspected and if any remedial work needs to be carried out.

On demanding projects such as these, we only deploy qualified and highly experienced scaffolders and supervisors to conduct the inspections. Our standard procedure is to inspect all commercial scaffolds every 7 days or after periods of adverse weather so you can be sure that your trades companies will continue to operate in as safe a working environment as possible.

We deliver our proficient, high quality commercial scaffold hire services on all types of sites in counties such as London, Surrey, Berkshire and Essex. A few of the towns that we cover are:

  • Crawley
  • Guildford
  • Henfield
  • Petersfield
  • Godalming
  • Southsea
  • Hove
  • Burgess Hill.


If you need a dependable and professional scaffold hire solution for your commercial development, let UK Scaffolders provide all the answers. All you have to do is pick up the phone and speak to our friendly team to receive a no-obligation quote.