Scaffolding Erectors

Most people assume that scaffolding erectors merely construct the scaffolding framework that is so familiar on building sites and renovation projects, but there is much more to being a scaffolding erector than just construction. rendering goring

Scaffolding erectors must have expert knowledge of scaffolding design and usage. When you are faced with a project, from new builds to roofing maintenance, a good scaffolder will know exactly what type of scaffolding to use and how to make the most of that structure to provide access for all other contractors. A great scaffolder will also know how to solve a tricky situation such as providing access scaffolding like a gantry to span a driveway and the importance of providing edge protection for scaffolding used at a height.




Their knowledge of health and safety and all HSE regulations must be absolute for there is no room for error.

For these reasons, here at UK Scaffolders we ensure that our scaffolding erectors meet our strict training procedures.


Trainee Scaffolders

To become registered as a trainee scaffolding erector, enthusiasm and dedication is needed along with experience, so we insist on at least 6 months on-site experience before we consider booking the best ones onto three courses. Scaffolding_Rustington2

The first two courses allow trainee scaffolders to receive a basic scaffolding ticket, which is the lowest scaffolding qualification you can hold. It takes a year to complete and applicants need to have a full portfolio of their work.


Advanced Scaffolders

To progress from a basic scaffolder to an advanced scaffolder you need to first complete 2 years of on-site experience before attending an advanced scaffolding course. They need a full and complete portfolio of works before they receive their full qualification.


Specialist Scaffolders

There are many scaffolders who have extra training to operate specialist scaffolding equipment such as a petrol disc cutter. There are courses that we encourage our scaffolding erectors to take which would qualify them for many more experienced roles. For example just recently we trained some of our scaffolders in the use of powered access, including cherry pickers, to install high level edge protection handrails to steelwork. chimney_demolition_ockley_2

The majority of the scaffolders who work for UK Scaffolders have been CISRS approved, which is a bi-annual health and safety test which they must all pass for their licences to be renewed. If they wish to progress further then they may become scaffolding inspectors by passing an SG4 qualification which will allow them to inspect and document fall arrest equipment and also a TG20 which explains rules and regulations involved in working at a height and other working practices.

If you are interested in becoming a scaffolding erector and think you have the dedication and enthusiasm that we’d require, then contact us to find out more about our latest vacancies.